Sunday, January 4, 2009

December 2008 Activities

Christmas Eve Party...December 24, 2008

December is over and January is here...December was a wild ride.

We went up North for Christmas and enjoyed the Gwilliam Christmas Eve Party. We had food and enjoyed each other's company. Jennie Baum and family hosted the party this year. We had two pregnant girls this year: Erin and Kathie. Both looking adorably pregnant. We played our "family game." This year was a bit bloody because there were rival schools...BYU versus U of U. I hope everyone came out with the right school loyalty.

Erin in a maternal way!

Shiloh choosing a gift during the game

Dave and Alix with their pillowcases.
Ali, Nicole, Ross, and Lorna feasting.
Jim, Kathie (pregnant), Bradley, and Lauren.
Trudy and Katie
Chad showing BYU loyalty..not only a fan, but an employee

December 27, 2008

Konner is baptized.
Kyle baptized Konner and Grandpa Romney confirmed him.
It was really a wonderful baptism. It was at 10:00 am on a Saturday and it was just family

Konner and Kyle Berryessa

The Berryessa Boys: (left to right) Drew, Kyle, Dean, Brady and Konner in front

Taylor Marie can't resist the podium and microphone

Kyle and Konner

(Left to right) Drew, Kaitlyn Pallas, Katie, Brook, and Brady

Kyle and Sheree had a luncheon after the baptism at the Pasta Factory.

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sheryl said...

love the tree!!!

Love the photo of the boys. Drews awsome! Great taste in ties.