Saturday, July 11, 2009

Berryessa Memorial Day 2009
Slip-n-Slide Skimboarding Party
Santa Clara

Apparently Katie has done this before!

Big Tall Lauren driving my Safari....I know she is coveting
my you can't have it!
Drew and no I don't know what he is doing! It's Drew!
Anything is possible.

Brady landing after his slide

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Big Tall Lauren learning skimming moves

Konner sliding

Brookie girl makes a crash landing

Kyle, Sheree and Taylor Marie watching!

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Brookie Girl and Big Tall Lauren

Big Tall Lauren and Konner

Drew crashing

Taylor Marie skimming

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Scout Camp 2009
Thunder Ridge Scout Camp
Cedar Canyon
Santa Clara 5th Ward

Dean is certain he is old enough he doesn't have to go on Scout Camps
anymore....unfortunately, he's the Second Counselor in the
Bishopric and well...he went.

Yup....a flat tire on the trailer on the way to camp.
Dean had just had a flat tire driving home from Cedar the
same week. He was on the freeway at freeway speed and it
blew on his truck. He pulled off safely, and all was well.
Thank I'm sure he wasn't too excited to
be doing another tire repair between Cedar and St. George.

Three of the scouts.
Pono Basso (l to r), Mitch Seely, and DJ Whitehead
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Brook's Graduation

May 22, 2009

Brook graduated from Snow Canyon High School. She will attend Dixie State College next fall. This is a picture of her playing percussion for the last time in her high school years. Most likely her last time ever. She is the girl in green on the front row of the percussion section.

Brookie girl and her mother at graduation. They graduated at 8am...does it show.

Brookie girl and her father.
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