Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September and School is in Session

It's great kids are back in school. It is different than it has been for years. Katie only goes to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She has Tuesday and Thursday off, but she does work those days usually. My home alone time has been decreased substantially. It seems like they leave and before you know it, somebody is coming home. I'm really excited for Katie because she is taking several of the classes I took at Dixie, and the teachers are wonderful. She will have a great experience. Most kids hear, "oh is so-and-so your brother or sister," poor Katie has to hear, "Is Trudy your mom?"

We have two exchange students from Brazil living with us. Katherine and Raisa (High-EE-zah) Brandao. Katherine is attending Dixie College and Raisa is a junior at Snow Canyon High School. They both speak English very well, which is good because we don't speak Portuguese at all. They have been here a week and a half and will stay until just before Christmas. There is a possibility that Katherine may come back, but I think they are looking into BYU-Idaho for spring semester. Their parents and brother and sister stayed for four days before they went back to Brazil.

It's hard to believe it is September...but it does happen to be my favorite month of the year. The weather starts to change and you get that cool crispness in the air in the morning.

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