Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is the Brazilian Family that I mentioned. Their names are as follows:

Paulo (father)
Claudia (mother)
Katherine (far right)
Raisa (far left)

Katherine and Raisa are the two girls that are staying with us. Their father (Paulo) was baptized by Brad Hafen (a guy in our ward) when Paulo was a boy. They stayed in touch. Katherine stayed with the Hafen's two years ago. Katie and Brook became good friends with Katherine. We knew that Raisa wanted to come to America for a semester, but Tode and Brad Hafen went on a mission to South Africa, so we offered for her to live with us. Katherine didn't make the deadline for BYU, so she came to do at least one semester at Dixie College.


3 teenagers (Katie, Brook, and Brady) + 2 teenagers (Katherine and Raisa) = 5 teenagers

1 sophomore, 1 junior, 1 senior, and 2 college students

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