Sunday, September 14, 2008

Halfway Through September

Time is certainly flying. We have SEP's for high school next week. That means kids get out of school early at least three much for a quiet house. I'll have to go to three different kids' SEPs. Let's do the math... 3 x 8 = 24 teachers. I guess it's good that Brook, Brady, and Raisa all have the same chemistry teacher. I'll be at the school for a few hours.

Katie and Katherine are enjoying college. I'm so excited they are taking some classes that I took a few years ago. The teachers and curriculum are wonderful, so I know exactly what they experiencing in those classes.

Katie and Katherine go to the college ward. Two guys came up to Katie the first week she went, which was the first of June, and asked if she was looking to get married. She promptly said no, and even had the courage to back the next week. No one has asked since. Although, Katie and Katherine had home teachers today while we were at church (their church is at 9am and ours it at 1pm), their home teachers asked if they had boyfriends. They said they felt funny, almost like he was volunteering for the job.

I love this time of year and how it cools off and slows down...okay, I want it to slow down, and it seems like it used to slow down. I don't think it slows down much anymore. Is the world spinning faster now?

Hope all is well with everybody out in bloggers world.

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